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Allpolyglot Professional

Online learning

A thorough knowledge of English is fundamental in the global world, but the Language Courses, online or live, are often not tailored to the needs of a professional.
Allpolyglot Professional is a “tailor-made” online language course, which you can customize to your specific needs:

▪ Choose the frequency of your individual online lessons
▪ Maximum personal attention, for faster results
▪ Customize your course based on your commitments, your sector and your goals


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Business English – learn with a manager-teacher


Business English – learn the language you need for business with one of our manager-teachers, qualified teachers and also experienced managers. Our teachers are both.

It’s true that a manager doesn’t necessarily make a good teacher.

Nor is a teacher a manager in business.

Therefore our teachers are qualified for both, to teach, and to manage. They are qualified as teachers, and qualified as managers. And behold, the manager-teacher is here, one person and qualified for both tasks. Come and meet us to see their pedigree.