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People tend to learn English rapidly and effectively when they are involved. Possibly, completely involved as a person and as a professional.

So unconventional teaching can help, and the use of different practical tools. What you see in the picture is a real lesson, where we have made use of videos and genuine audios spoken by native and non-native speakers. For maximum exposure to real English.

Anything unclear or needing further explanation goes on the whiteboard, or on the flipchart, for a high level of interaction. Through discussion and involvement, while having fun.

You’ll notice from the picture that lessons which are so interactive may bring surprises. Such as the discussion, today, about the Bogof from the marketing department.

As well as the terminology related to digital marketing, such as WOMM.

The more interaction, the more students learn with their Manager-Teacher (<<< follow the link for more info) from Allpolyglot.