Who we are

We are professional managers with a long career in medium and small companies and also in multinationals. With this experience we want to help today’s and tomorrow’s managers to train in topics relevant to management in the English language.

Business English | Corsi di Business English

I teacher in Allpolyglot

Our teachers are the most knowledgeable in management training. So they are not only experienced managers but also CELTA qualified Cambridge English teachers, to offer you the highest standard of quality teaching in the language you need most.

Our manager-teachers are the most suitable people to create a tailor-made course for you, so that you learn what you need in the shortest possible time. To be at ease in all professional situations in Italy and abroad, but also after work, for example, aperitifs and dinners with your clients.

We are trainers with that business experience which is essential to be as operational and pragmatic as possible in teaching you Business English in the time you have available.

Course customization

The course customization that Allpolyglot is capable of brings you enormous advantages: efficiency to respect your time and effectiveness for maximum learning of what you really need. Precisely in this custom-building we are the best on the market and this distinguishes us from less calibrated offers.

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If you are a career professional or have foreign clients, or perhaps you have to manage branches abroad, do not miss the opportunity to learn English.
Our method for managers and professionals is tailor-made for you, and works 100%. Are you ready?