VP Sales & Marketing, Sales Director and Marketing Manager

A managerial role such as that of Vice President Sales & Marketing or Sales Director or Marketing Manager requires a multifaceted personality, as well as the ability to adapt to the new needs of an increasingly international and multilingual market. Allpolyglot represents the ideal solution for company executives who aim to enhance their skills in the knowledge of the English language.

Business English course for V.P. Sales & Marketing, Sales Director and Marketing Manager

Market analyses, the definition of the company’s commercial plan and the implementation of effective sales strategies are just some of the tasks that the Vice-President Sales & Marketing, Sales Director, Marketing Manager performs on a daily basis. Time optimization is, therefore, a prerogative. Allpolyglot offers tailor-made Business English courses to guarantee language learning and help students enhance their managerial skills, both hard and soft, specific to the reference sector.

 The managerial background of the Allpolyglot certified teaching team is a fundamental resource because it helps us to identify the most effective teaching methodology to implement for each student. Our goal is to help these managerial figures master the language, with a focus on the coordination of sales and marketing processes and company market analyses.


Our target is you; you have excellent business preparation and more and more business experience. You know English but it is not yet at the level you would like and that you would need for the goals you want to achieve.

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