COO and Director of Operations

The COO or Chief Operating Officer or Director of Operations brings together the managerial figures of the company in which he operates with all the company’s human, financial and technical resources, with the aim of optimizing the organizational structure also at an international level. The Business English course offered by Allpolyglot is designed to help these managerial figures promote the expansion of the company beyond national borders, where knowledge of the English language is essential.

Business English course for COO and Director of Operations

Managerial skills are varied and equally important in the presentation of proposals and projects dedicated to optimizing the company’s internal organizational management. The organizational processes for which the COO or Chief Operating Officer is responsible involve specialists from different sectors and active in different countries of the world.

Allpolyglot offers Business English and Public Speaking courses which represent the ideal solution for mastering the English language and appearing competent and self-confident even when communicating with experts who belong to specific sectors different from one’s own. The coordination of these complex processes requires specific and high-level skills. Allpolyglot guarantees the achievement of these objectives and rapid and effective progress through courses tailored to the student and her needs.


Our target is you; you have excellent business preparation and more and more business experience. You know English but it is not yet at the level you would like and that you would need for the goals you want to achieve.

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