Covering top management roles in the digital environment can be complex, especially when you are called to interact with an audience that has different language skills than your own. Allpolyglot offers tailor-made Business English courses for Chief Data Officers, Chief Digital officers, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Information Officers, with the aim of providing these managerial figures with the necessary support to master the English language and apply it to the promotion of digitization in the company.

Business English course for CDO,

The transversal coordination between central management and sector teams also challenges executive figures such as those of CDOs, CTOs and CIOs, especially when it comes to promoting digitization within a diverse and multilingual audience. Clear and precise communication is essential for the achievement of corporate objectives.

Allpolyglot’s Business English courses for CDOs, CTOs and CIOs aim to enhance these linguistic and communication skills. The lessons are structured to guarantee the acquisition of a professional and specific English vocabulary for the IT and digital sector.


Our target is you; you have excellent business preparation and more and more business experience. You know English but it is not yet at the level you would like and that you would need for the goals you want to achieve.

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