Our target is you; you are well educated and competent and have more and more business experience. You know English but it is not yet at the level you would like and that you would need for the goals you want to achieve.

But you feel the need to be more fluent in Business English because you need it and it would allow you to act in person more effectively. In managing your clients or managing your international team. A language that would really come in handy in your quality and capability toolbox.

It is also true that you have been learning English for many years. With so much effort. But the various courses you’ve taken don’t seem very effective to you, so much so that you’re still not comfortable, you lack confidence in the language. And we at Allpolyglot are very sensitive to these past experiences, and we want to change your mind.

The course tailored for you

Because it is true that generic or group courses are not very suitable for managers and professionals, and in the end, not very specific, they do not offer the right quality/price ratio. Because to conceive a “tailor-made” course for a manager, you need to understand what it means to be a manager. And to help a professional optimize his / her time, you need to know the language and vocabulary specific to him or her. This is where business experience and professional interaction with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders count.

The best investment is in yourself

With this background our teachers are therefore experienced managers who, with the right teaching qualifications, are now ready to create the personalized English course for you. Made on purpose. Customized and individual to the person you are.

And with the best time spent/results ratio possible today. The best investment is always in yourself, and we can agree on that, right?

Do you want to improve your English for your career?
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If you are a career professional or have foreign clients, or perhaps you have to manage branches abroad, do not miss the opportunity to learn English.
Our method for managers and professionals is tailor-made for you, and works 100%. Are you ready?