Public Speaking

Managers know it well: public speaking is a skill that is essential to possess in order to grow one’s business. The ability to convince investors, customers and employees to believe in your work is the foundation of an effective networking strategy. It is a complex skill to acquire, especially when it requires knowledge of a language other than your own.

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Tailor made Public Speaking courses

At Allpolyglot we offer Public Speaking courses in English designed to teach managers and professionals how to speak in public without getting emotional. Public Speaking is a skill that can be acquired with the help of qualified trainers, specialized in the oratorical art of public speaking.

Allpolyglot teachers have training similar to that of managers and professionals who, as students, choose our school. In fact, all the teachers have held managerial roles, including top management roles, have in-depth knowledge of different sectors and know what skills are required to fill certain positions. They are all CELTA certified and qualified to teach professional English.

We offer personalized and tailor-made lessons in order to respond promptly to the real needs of the customer. The distinctive feature of our Public Speaking courses is learning by doing: we involve students in role-play situations to try their hand at a public speech without real consequences.

The training offered by Allpolyglot focuses on specific aspects of Public Speaking which are generally difficult to manage independently. All courses are focused on the creation of public speeches and on the acquisition of the ability to present a speech effectively orally. It is very important to create a list of macro-topics and rehearse the speech several times, without memorizing it. This is how we take our customers through the learning cycle.

We also support clients in international presentations and intercultural communication. Customs change from country to country and it is essential to know how to behave in order not to offend the interlocutor with one’s speech. In this regard, Allpolyglot places a lot of emphasis on body language. Body language says much more about us than words do. We teach our clients to manage the body while speaking in public: it is an important aspect to focus on in order to be more effective, also using one’s body as part of the message conveyed to the public.

As already mentioned, we also offer Public Speaking exercises with role-plays. Students have the opportunity to practice Public Speaking in English, actually confronting an audience. This exercise is useful for learning how to answer questions from the audience without making mistakes and successfully manage performance anxiety.

Finally, we teach our students how to prepare before a public speech, how to deal with it, and how to behave after speaking in public. The moments immediately following the public event.

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