Managerial skills

Having a managerial role means possessing and mastering specific skills thanks to which it is possible to impose one’s leadership. In most working contexts, especially in internationalized ones, it is essential to have managerial skills in English, the official language of business. Allpolyglot training courses are designed to help managers and professionals develop hard and soft skills, essential for creating a dense network of contacts and successfully overcoming any type of language barrier.

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Hard and soft skills courses in English, for managers

All Allpolyglot teachers are CELTA certified, are licensed to teach English and have a background as managers in various business sectors. This aspect guarantees the ability of our teachers to accompany clients in achieving their goals and in acquiring the managerial skills necessary to distinguish themselves and develop a career.

We help our clients develop both hard and soft English language management skills. The distinctive feature of our offer lies in the role-play lessons: students are involved in realistic situations to test their skills and competences. Among the managerial hard skills, the main skills that Allpolyglot helps to acquire are:

Sale of products and/or services:

to open up to an international market it is essential to know how to sell your product or service to a heterogeneous public.

Negotiation management:

knowing how to manage a negotiation is essential to conclude more advantageous deals.

Personnel recruitment:

selecting candidates in English is an important managerial skill for those who lead an international business.

As regards, however, managerial soft skills, we guide our customers in the development of these skills:

Meeting management

learning how to successfully manage meetings with customers and collaborators is essential for achieving business objectives.

Change management

managing change within an organization is essential to implement strategies and methods capable of leading to an effective transformation in terms of objectives, values, procedures and technologies.

Public speaking

knowing how to speak in public in English is essential during meetings and corporate gatherings in order not to miss out on important business opportunities and to stand out from the competition.

Our courses in English aimed at developing managerial skills are tailor-made based on the real needs of the student and guarantee real, measurable and very practical results.

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