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Financial Business English

Executives in the financial sector who develop ongoing professional relationships with clients in an international environment are faced with a major communication challenge: demonstrating their English language skills. Allpolyglot supports these top management figures by offering personalized and tailor-made Financial Business English courses.

Financial Business English course

Managerial professionals in the financial sector are involved on a daily basis in interactions with both internal and external experts of their company. For example auditors, banks, institutional investors, Consob and other foreign stock exchange authorities, Key account customers, and stakeholders in general. When teams and clients need to communicate in English, it is essential that they know how to implement transversal communication, specific to the financial field.

 With a view to achieving this goal, Allpolyglot offers a financial Business English course, designed on the basis of the characteristics, needs and responsibilities of those who hold this role. The Allpolyglot method is based on one-to-one lessons and is designed to support the student in enhancing his linguistic and communicative skills, respecting timing and organizational needs.


Our target is you; you have excellent business preparation and more and more business experience. You know English but it is not yet at the level you would like and that you would need for the goals you want to achieve.

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