Business English

Business English for Technical and Engineering

The technical and engineering fields require specializations with a high linguistic specificity. It is essential that the expertise of technicians and engineers is accessible to an international audience that includes heterogeneous work teams and customers who speak the English language. Allpolyglot‘s Business English Technical Engineering course is dedicated to precisely this type of need.

Business English course for technicians and engineers

The duties of technicians and engineers within a company require particular analytical and technical-scientific skills. When it comes to the point of having to present certain results or the analysis of a project to a large and international audience, it is important to be able to develop a communication that effectively reaches the recipients, even in English.

 Many senior technicians and engineers have relationships with overseas branches and interaction with customers and suppliers. In the event that this type of communication would fail, in fact, the consequences could prove to be detrimental to the company. This is understood in the sense that it goes beyond notions and technical language, but definitely towards an effective interaction on complex topics. To prevent communication problems from occurring, Allpolyglot offers a Business English course for technicians and engineers which provides the solution to make the communication of sectoral notions in English more effective.


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