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In the labour market, knowledge of the English language is essential to be internationally competitive. Allpolyglot is a school that specializes in teaching professional English. It offers Business English courses designed to help managers and professionals to make a career, build a business and not miss out on important professional opportunities.

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One-to-one Business English courses

The teachers who are part of the Allpolyglot team hold the CELTA certification issued by Cambridge Assessment English of the University of Cambridge. This requirement is essential for teaching the language in a high-level school like ours. The distinctive feature of the Business English courses we offer is the managerial experience of the teachers. Having worked as managers in import/export, international trade and similar fields, they have in-depth knowledge of many sectors and are able to teach the English language applied to specialized professional fields.

Allpolyglot Business English courses are custom-made for the individual client, in order to speed up language learning and make it more effective. Aware of the fact that managers and professionals have limited time available to dedicate to training, we offer one-to-one Business English courses: the organization is simpler, lessons are personalized and programs go hand in hand with the ability of the student.

The English that is taught in school is often barely enough to get by in everyday life. To make a career in the job market and stand out from the competition, a Business English course is the ideal solution. Allpolyglot courses are aimed primarily at managers and experts who wish to get noticed in their business area, outside the Italian borders. Each course is designed on the client’s real needs and is organized into individual lessons focused on specific and defined objectives, agreed with the student, and on the use of a vocabulary consistent with the reference professional sector.

We offer one-to-one Business English courses aimed at professional growth in the following sectors:

Investing in your training and education and choosing an Allpolyglot one-to-one Business English course means having the certainty of acquiring new skills and seizing business opportunities to develop professionally.

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