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Allpolyglot Professional

Online learning

A thorough knowledge of English is fundamental in the global world, but the Language Courses, online or live, are often not tailored to the needs of a professional.
Allpolyglot Professional is a “tailor-made” online language course, which you can customize to your specific needs:

▪ Choose the frequency of your individual online lessons
▪ Maximum personal attention, for faster results
▪ Customize your course based on your commitments, your sector and your goals


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People tend to learn English rapidly and effectively when they are involved. Possibly, completely involved as a person and as a professional.

So unconventional teaching can help, and the use of different practical tools. What you see in the picture is a real lesson, where we have made use of videos and genuine audios spoken by native and non-native speakers. For maximum exposure to real English.

Anything unclear or needing further explanation goes on the whiteboard, or on the flipchart, for a high level of interaction. Through discussion and involvement, while having fun.

You’ll notice from the picture that lessons which are so interactive may bring surprises. Such as the discussion, today, about the Bogof from the marketing department.

As well as the terminology related to digital marketing, such as WOMM.

The more interaction, the more students learn with their Manager-Teacher (<<< follow the link for more info) from Allpolyglot.

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Business English – learn with a manager-teacher


Business English – learn the language you need for business with one of our manager-teachers, qualified teachers and also experienced managers. Our teachers are both.

It’s true that a manager doesn’t necessarily make a good teacher.

Nor is a teacher a manager in business.

Therefore our teachers are qualified for both, to teach, and to manage. They are qualified as teachers, and qualified as managers. And behold, the manager-teacher is here, one person and qualified for both tasks. Come and meet us to see their pedigree.

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Business presentations

Presenting to customers in English

Doing a business presentation and sales pitch. What does it involve?

You are the center stage.

Your presentation or pitch deck is just your tool, use slides to lead, not read. They should paraphrase and enhance what’s coming out of your mouth. A well-structured presentation and a superbly executed pitch are the fastest and easiest way for you to explain your business to customers or investors. 

But you need to train yourself and rehearse with an experienced teacher in business.

“Practice makes Perfect”


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Allpolyglot at BacktoWork24


Simple, easy, convenient, is the revolution in learning foreign languages with the exchange of “live” language lessons for everyone.

To encourage the “cultural shock” of lessons with a mother tongue, but by talking about your interests. Teach and learn your favourite language, where it looks right for you and most convenient, and when it makes you more comfortable.

Our technology allows each of us to be a teacher in our mother tongue and exchange with foreign language lessons with anyone in the world.

This video was filmed at #backtowork24 by RAI3.

The video with the two founders at Il Sole 24 Ore – BackToWork24 in Milan.